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some dreads
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Zerstörung der Cdu
Die Europawahl bzw EU-Wahl steht vor der Tür. Ob CDU, SPD oder AfD gute Parteien sind, die im Einklang mit Wissenschaft und Logik stehen, versuche ich in diesem Video zu beantworten.

In jedem Fall: Geht wählen am nächsten Wochenende. Sonst entscheiden Rentner über eure Zukunft und geil ist das nicht.
►Alle Quellen hier: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C0lRRQtyVAyYfn3hh9SDzTbjrtPhNlewVUPOL_WCBOs/edit
Did I made right decisions in my life? For quite some time now I am wondering about what had happened in my life since my breakup with Stefan. I had an affair, which brought me many pleasures but also pain. Since the summer of 2017, I was a rebel. I partied like crazy, I drank sooo much, and did many mistakes. Last summer it all had to stop, because of my relationship with K. And I guess I am glad. Yet a part of me longs to that period of my life, when I was free and met so many men on Tinder and did such stupid and crazy things. In my whole life as a pathetic potato, I would have never guessed, that I would go on dates with four guys (including K.). I would have never dreamed of the complements that I received from so many handsome guys. I would have never said, that a complete stranger would want to kiss me so badly, that he would actually follow me. Maybe to some it means little or they would never feel good simply because a guy looked at them, but for me it makes a difference. My whole life I was always laughed at and nobody ever fancied me. I really enjoyed being admired and the way that men flirted with me. I miss that. I enjoy being with K. but often his behaviour dissapoints me. Complements do not exist in his vocabulary. He is jealous of me, even though I abandoned all of my friends and have no one to talk to. I gained waight and at times this whole situation makes me cry. I wish I were appreciated and truly loved. Why is it always my heart that is broken? I never wanted to watch romantic movies, because I did not want to develop some kind of high expectations in regards my future relationships. But even with such low standards, no one ever made me feel happy for a long period of time. I do not know whether I am exaggerating because many things stress me out right now, or I am finally realizing that last year I possibly made another mistake in my miserable life. 
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